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Every once in a while a dog walker enters your life and changes EVERYTHING!

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Milo & Coco: Be the person my dog thinks I am.

Milo, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 27 2017, is the reason Rakell got started in this business. He was her inspiration for wanting to do what's best for other peoples four legged family members.  Everyday, Milo made Rakell strive to become a better person, not only with animal interactions but also dealing with relationships and building a positive lifestyle.

The newest addition to the family is a little dog, named Coco that Rakell rescued in May 2016, and was only planning on fostering until she got him healthy enough to adopt out. He ended up finding a very special place in Rakell's heart, and has stolen the hearts of her parents. It has been a long road from being an emaciated pooch who needed food and love and a great deal of vet care.  He has found his nirvana, with Rakell & her family. Coco loved to bug Milo, and go on daily adventures with Rakell and her packs in the hills. 

A smile, a big toothy grin when we see each and every critter and know that they are enriching our lives just as much as we are theirs. And to have the owners be stress free, knowing their dogs are out having the time of their life in a safe and happy environment. And their cats and critters are cared for in a loving and attentive manner.

Rakell-Lee Laventure

Rakell started in the pet care profession in 2012, working as a pet sitter and dog walker. 

Prior to her life in the pet care business, Rakell worked in many different fields; Rakell had been in the private health care sector for close to 10 years.  Prior to that she was in retail and retail management, worked as a massage therapist, a painter and interior decorator, and then discovered her niche with animals.

Rakell met a lady many years ago, who asked her what she was passionate about.  The only thing she could respond with was "my dog". This lady told Rakell to follow that passion as it would lead her to great and blessed things.... 

Rakell is currently studying and learning as much about dog and animal behavior as she can.  She is studying different training techniques and offers limited training in her everyday outings with the dogs.  She says "We also play games, and have different lesson plans each day, depending on who is in our group and what kind of adventure we want to have on any given day."  

In the last four plus years, Rakell has been blessed to  have the opportunity to become a Pet First Aid Instructor for Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid.  She was able to receive certification in a Pet Communication workshop.  And honoured to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico; to study with Paws and Stripes in their Service Animal Workshop. 

Rakell offers off leash dog adventures, on leash dog walks in a group setting, and cat/critter care in the owners home.
In 2016, Rakell found and fell in love with the use of Essential Oils by doTERRA.  Her knowledge of oils and how they work within the care system for your pets is awesome.  Please feel free to book a class with her to learn more about how Essential Oils can make a difference in your's and your pets lives.  

Warm Hearts & Wet Noses

Explorer Pet Care - Rocky Enterprises supported the good folks of Fort McMurray Alberta in their time of need during and after the wild fires ravaged their city, in May 2016.  We sent non perishable food, toiletries, 15 pet crates, pet food and supplies, water and cash.  We were blessed enough to get a wonderful new client "Chizzy" who was a dog that made the news all over Canada, during the fires.  We also sent 150 "Cards of Hope" to first responders, fire fighters, police personnel, animal rescuers, and anyone who worked the front line during the fires.  We offered love, hope and encouragement to them.  
Rocky Enterprises helped support the Calgary Veterans Food Bank November 2016, as they were in great need of food and cash donations. Our food drive was held the first week of November and was delivered to the Airdrie Fire Hall on November 4th. Thank you to all those who helped fill the back of Rakell's Explorer with food and other donations. I am hoping that we can do the same thing next year, and years to come.  Big hearts can go a long way!
In January 2017, Rakell and her awesome and amazing clients were able to donate 57 warm winter coats, 200 pairs of new warm socks, touques, mitts, scarves, and $5.00 gift cards to the Drop In Centre of Calgary. Donations of several blankets, and a great deal of warm wear for children were also given.  If you are interested in donating to the Drop In Centre of Calgary, there is a donation centre located at 3640 - 11A STREET NE 
They are accepting  and in need of everything; furniture, housewares, clothing, children's items, books, toiletries, etc.....
Contact Rakell personally if you would like to donate gently used items, and she will assist you if needed in this process.