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Every once in a while a dog walker enters your life and changes EVERYTHING!



Off Leash Group Play & Training

Each day we have what's called Group Play and Training.  This is off leash most of the time, depending on where we decide to go during the day.  This is usually 1.5 to 3 hours long.  During this time, we will walk/run, play games, which could include target games, scent games and different agility games. This is for all types of dogs, and all ages.  We will modify the day for our geriatric pups who join us.  This activity can also include a day trip to the mountains, or to the lake or river for a swim, weather permitting.  

1 dog household - $25.00 + applicable fees
2 dog household - $35.00 + applicable fees
3 dog household - $45.00 + applicable fees

**Pricing does not include medication administration fees, GST or gas surcharge.

Cat Care Services 

Explorer Pet Care - Rocky Enterprises will come in to your home to feed and spend time with your cat(s).  We will also make sure that litter boxes are cleaned daily, and that their dietary needs are met with each visit.  Medication can be administered with our team of experts.  We will spend time with your furry friend also playing and grooming depending on needs. 

1-2 cat - $25.00 per visit + applicable fees
              $40.00 for 2 visits a day + applicable fees
3-6 cat - $30.00 per visit + applicable fees
              $50.00 for 2 visits a day + applicable fees

**Pricing does not include medication administration fees, GST or gas surcharge.

Overnight Care 

Provided in Airdrie Home 

Overnight care is offered to clients who are existing clients for walks and to those who have been referred by existing clients.  This is a specialized program, Rakell allows up to 3 dogs to come at any given time into her home for care (this is dependent on the dogs and owners requesting care).

Overnight care is in a clean home in Airdrie's Cooper's Crossing District.  The home backs onto a beautiful parkway which walks first thing in the morning and after dinner walks take place.  Rakell provides a clean and safe environment for all of her furry house guests, this includes freshly cleaned bedding and blankets to sleep on, wide open areas to play, clean toys, high value and quality treats for all types of dogs, (even dogs that might have sensitivites). Meals are scheduled times, morning and evening feedings, raw feedlings are accepted (please include instructions and all parts of feeding, for example if you use greek yogurt, please include this in your food supplies).  Backyard renovations should be complete by August 2018, and we will post more photos on Explorer Pet Care's Facebook Page.  We will have a small cooling pool, a spot to relax, and a play area with agility equipment.

If you are not a regular walking client of Explorer Pet Care and are interested in Overnight Care please contact Rakell to set up a trial weekend.  Dog(s) may be required to come for walks 2 weeks prior to care & a trial weekend to see how dogs get along in household.

Pricing starts at $45.00 per night. 

Private On Leash Walks 


Private On Leash walks are provided to dogs that might not be able to go with the group.  This is done in their neighbourhood and is typically 20 minutes to 30 mintues in duration.  Great for geriatric, post spay/neuter, post surgical, puppy visits, or a dog that is just not all that keen on walking.

During this time, Rakell will work on basic instruction with your pet and help make the walk fun and mentally stimulating for your dog.  Treats will be given when training and walking, please advise of any food allergies or sensitivities.

Home Security Checks/Gardens & Plants

$20 - $30

Home checks can be preformed in accordance of your homeowners insurance policy and to ensure the safety & security of your home while you are away.  We will check your windows, doors, furnace, hot water tank, etc.  Checks are typically every 24 - 72 hours depending on policy held.

Plant care can be requested any time of year.  We will come to water  inside houseplants, or gardens and planter pots while you are on vacation.  During this time we will do an exterior security check on your home.  Prices vary with this service depending on time it takes to water.